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County Clerk’s tires slashed a second time last week, police investigating

By Sam Tunningley

FLUSHING – Gensee County Clerk John Gleason has filed a police report after having his tires spiked for a second time in the driveway of his Flushing residence.

The first incident came after Gleason filed a lawsuit against Genesee County for allegedly handing out illegal bonuses to union members from the technology fund. Gleason claims the County is not in a surplus position, and owes outstanding balances to the Genesee Health System and his office.

Chief Mark Hoornstra said the department has a few leads and has been sending out extra patrols to Gleason’s house.

The Clerk has been campaigning for Dr. Martin Cousineau – a Clio resident running for the Seventh District County Commissioner seat. Spikes – referred to as “mooneys” – were placed at an auto center located directly next to Cousineau’s campaign headquarters in Flushing, popping the tires on three of the company’s trucks.

Gleason apologized to the business, knowing the spikes were meant for him and his affiliates. Flushing Police Chief Mark Hoornstra said approximately 8 to 10 spikes were placed at each location.

“I find it disgusting that anyone would terrorize a family with children over an election,” said Gleason.

Mike Lynch and Jamie Curtis – the commissioners Gleason has been in conflict with – deny any involvement.

A press conference was called by Gleason on July 22 to discuss funds owed to the Genesee Health System after the establishment of a mental health authority – an amount exceeding $5 million. Curtis said Genesee County Controller Keith Francis is working with GHS toward a proper solution, and Gleason knows “nothing” about the situation.

Gleason claims the delay in payment has led to a large amount of individuals and families without proper care and treatment – an allegation Curtis said is without merit.

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