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You can scare your friends and neighbors to support the trail

Casting call for Trail of Terror on Oct. 5
Lauri Elbing
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FLUSHING — The 4th Annual Trail of Terror is just around the corner, and the planning committee announced the official casting call for this year’s event. If you want to play a role this year’s Trail of Terror, you are encouraged to come to a meeting at 7 p.m. sharp, Thursday, Oct. 5, in the basement of Flushing City Hall.

Everyone is frightened or creeped out by something and the theme is always “TERROR!” and the planning team likes to keep things fresh, so offers a fair amount of latitude to the actors that are assigned to scenes or roles to let their creativity and imaginations run wild as long as it remains PG-13. Fun and fear are the goals, so if that isn’t enough to peek your interest, there are also prizes and pizza.

Yes. There is a pizza party and prize drawing held at the end of the Trail of Terror for all actors and other volunteers with a chance to win one of several prizes, but you must be present to win. Last year they gave away a GoPro Camera and a Yeti cooler. The prizes and pizza are pretty great, but if you ask anyone who’s been a part of this event, getting involved in any way is a uniquely great experience.

“It is the most fun I’ve ever had working on a project,” said Greg Palinsky, emphatically.

Becky Parth, from Davison, was given a flyer, went to her first meeting and was excited by the atmosphere and the energy in the room. She has volunteered her talents to the Trail of Terror that year and every year since. Parth has also brought some of her family in on the fun over the years, including her sisters, daughter, son and their families.

“It was great being in a group of likeminded creative people. They’d just take the great ideas and make them work,” said Parth. “It was interesting to see the high level of organization, the brainstorming of great ideas and how the Flushing community worked together.”

The first year, Parth was vying to play the role of “Severed Head” at the Elegant Dinner. She conceded and happily led the mad doctor scene with the help of one of her sisters. She said it was both scary and funny.

“It’s just so much fun and they let me have a scene and then I can do whatever I want,” said Parth with a laugh. “They said I haven’t let them down yet, so they give me total creative license.”

Parth has been working on her scene for this year’s Trail of Terror and wouldn’t give anything away, but said it is really coming along well and people are going to get their money’s worth.

“This is an absolute blast for the team that puts it together. It’s a blast for everyone who volunteers to be actors and scene builders,” said Pam Palinsky, chairperson of the Parks and Recreation committee and the Trail of Terror workgroup while planning team members looked around at each other grinning and nodding their heads in agreement.

“This one night of horror on our gorgeous trail has really brought the community together: start to finish,” Pam Palinsky added. “No matter if you are a member of the planning team, a sponsor, a Zombie, Mad Doctor, Clown, or Trail Survival Guide, if you like scene creation, set up, and teardown, or just come out to be scared: it is a blast!”

The Trail of Terror is the evening of Oct. 28 and you can get additional information, stay up-to-date, and see some truly terrifying videos of terror on the Flushing Riverview Trail at the Flushing Trail of Terror Facebook page. It is $10 per person of ghastly fun and completely volunteer run fundraising event to support the future expansion and maintenance of the Flushing Riverview Trail. Recently completed projects include the Boardwalk and Pavilion.

“It must be fun, because we keep coming back and our team keeps growing,” concluded Patrick Scanlon, Parks and Recreation Committee member and founding member of the Trail of Terror.

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