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Smart911 system launched in Genesee County

By Ben Gagnon
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GENESEE COUNTY – Genesee County 9-1-1 has switched to a new program for receiving calls and sending out emergency notifications.

Smart911 took effect last Friday, phasing out the county’s previous CodeRed system that served the area since 2014.

Under the new program, residents can sign up for a free profile that includes their name, address and phone number. When a registered caller contacts Genesee County 9-1-1, dispatchers will see the person’s information and location appear on their computer screens.

Spring Tremaine, Executive Director of the Genesee County Dispatch Authority, said that Smart911 will make it easier for dispatchers to assist callers.

“The more info we can pass on to field agents, the more helpful we can be to responding to a situation and aiding a caller,” she said.

Tremaine said that Smart911 will be useful for callers who might not be able to speak in a home invasion or medical emergency situation. The system is also applicable for callers with special needs or hearing problems, as well as those who might be disoriented and not know their location.

Multiple counties across the state employ the Smart911 system, making it easier for those traveling outside Genesee County to receive help in an emergency situation away from home.

Residents can choose to give as much or as little information as they please in their profiles. Optional details can also be entered, such as a person’s medical history, names of children and number of pets.

Smart911’s other prominent feature is its emergency notification system, which sends weather, traffic and emergency alerts. Residents who register for the system can add their address to receive geo-targeted alerts, indicate what types of alerts they want to receive and choose if they want to be notified by text, email and/or voice message.

Tremaine said that Smart911 will be more efficient and cost effective than the CodeRed system, while cutting down on response times and potentially saving more lives.

Genesee County residents can sign up for the Smart911 system by logging on to www.smart911.com or http://geneseecounty911.org/emergency-alerts/ to receive alerts from Genesee County 9-1-1.

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